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Based in London, UK. 



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Joe James - Soul Brother (Music Video)

Joe James - Rinse UK Rap Show with Morgan Keyz 

Joe James - Too Many Bruddas (Music Video)

Joe James - Afro Samurai

Joe James - No Breathing

Joe James - Mumzy

Press & Review

Link UP TV

"Joe James impresses, growing incandescent with serious subject matter, in a collaboration that is easily listenable.

Though the rapper has done a great job creating tracks with massive appeal (Rude Girl), navigating his way through UK Rap with a marked deep-toned pitch bound to make listeners submit to swooning or full focus, my reaction is Oliver Twist based. I want some more." 

GRM Daily

"Joe James has been making movements for a while now. Renowned in underground circles for his mad flow and intelligent wordplay..."

"... spitting bars packed full of honest truths, as well as a myriad of punchlines..."

"with his dexterous flow that switches between grime and rap with ease.."

Joe James - Soul Brother 

Joe James - Rude Girl 

Joe James - Too Many Bruddas

Joe James - Afro Samurai

Joe James - No Breathing 


"If you've been sleeping on Joe James, then you seriously need to wake up! The West London rapper has been on the rise for a minute, and whether it be over rap or grime, the levels have always remained the same."

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