SAZ began in 2013 as Zane Morris-Stewart and Seon Rice-Lupin, a duo of musicians from West London, UK. Drawing inspiration from acoustic, hip-hop, soul, jazz and ambient styles of music, we created soundscapes as the product of our imaginations. 

As time passed and life changed direction for Seon, Zane began to make music with Kelvin, transitioning from the hip hop jazz style to a new eclectic mix, with heavier focus on folk/indie influences. 


The SAZ Project

We have constructed a self sustaining community, whose common language is art and music. Every song that we release features a ‘Single’ cover, compiled of a creatives work. We feel that in working together, we can create the perfect medium to get peoples work seen by new audiences! 

The Creative (photographer, painter, illustrator, designer, writer, tattoo artist, etc) can send in their work, and if used, develop's an initial link between themselves and our community. As people hear our music, they will see your work. Not only does it makes the creative feel involved, it acts as a pathway to broadcasting your artistry!

The artist will receive their own ‘SAZ Creatives page’ if regularly featured; showcasing their work, links to their relevant materials, whist also being added to our rapidly expanding Directory. This means that if you’re a photographer looking for say, a make up artist, you could refer to our listings, find an artist whose work appeals to you, and form further links for yourselves.

A community of talent, all joined under our SAZ umbrella!


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