SAZ - On The Brink of Something Great

SAZ is Zane Morris and Kelvin Bueno, a duo of self producing musicians hailing from London, drawing inspiration from and inventively blending indie, soul, folk, jazz, acoustic, hip-hop and ambient elements to create gripping soundscapes. 

From ethereal instrumentals and songwriting met with verses from featured artists such as Joe James, Miraa May, Airborn Gav & Kojey Radical, to gentle indie/folk-inspired guitar riffs and emotive lyrics that sound like your innermost thoughts out-loud. 

Highlighted as a one to watch by Red Bull London, and featured on GRM Daily for Scum, the second single from Chances LP, and Call Back, to Transitions, Dread Full and this years The Great Escape, SAZ are musicians that both embody and rebel against London's underground DIY sound: They perform with a five piece band for live performance, and also do acoustic sets with portions of live producing via loop pedal performances.Undeniably, they are on the brink of something great.



Our Ethos 

Positive collaboration is key for us. We've had a lot of fun creating music not just for ourselves, but for our SAZ family and other artists that we take an interest in. 


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Charlie T (Gz Tian)


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Latest Projects


SAZ - Meet Me In Paris (Music Video)

SAZ Films presents 'Meet Me In Paris'. 

Produced by Zane SAZ. Featuring Airborn Gav. Directed, Shot and Edited by Alex O'Brian. Artwork by Dree Velicaria.

SAZ & Aaron Unknown - Chasing (Music Video)

SAZ Films presents Chasing.

Produced by Zane SAZ. Featuring Aaron Unknown. Directed, Shot and Edited by Zane SAZ. Artwork by Dree Velicaria.

SAZ - Scum (Music Video)

Starring Olive Gray and Reece Miller. Directed by Zane Morris. Assistant Directed by Undine Markus.

Produced by Zane SAZ.




Press & Reviews

For The Fans Of

"Their sound comes from so many different places its difficult to place – acoustic guitars with hip-hop beats recall Alt-J, a slow melodic vocal style that reminds us of Drake and clean, reverb-heavy guitars seems to suggest a direct influence of Foals. "

Indie Crush

"Its artists such as SAZ that force us here at Indie Crush to broaden our horizons from time to time and recognise the amazing, innovative talent of our current generation of young musicians. SAZ have that vast, cinematic quality of songwriting that recalls the brilliance of Frank Ocean’s output – and perhaps in a few years they could be making an album to rival his legacy…"

Urban Radar

"SAZ play tribute to some of those lost this year in their upcoming EP ‘Dread full’, which is dedicated to rising hip-hop stars Mac Miller, XXXtentacion, and Lil Peep, alongside rock vocalist Chester Bennington...

Dread Full’ is evocative, and it is SAZ’s talent for conjuring with impressive authenticity snapshots of mindsets and emotions through music that makes what they are doing very special."

Hear Me Roar

"Although the sound is reminiscent of chill-out, ambient tracks; the overall effect is different.  

The song manages to encapsulate with impressive verisimilitude the thoughts and feelings of a deep, paralyzing depression and the lyrics reference the oppressive sense of stagnation that accompanies such a mindset... 

The power of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ lies in its considerable emotional nuance. This highly unusual for an electronic, trip-hop adjacent track."

Reviews Continued 

New Music Weekly

"Their music is an ethereal mix of indie and hip-hop, yet even these pigeonholes do not suffice in describing their sound. Blending their instrumental skills to weave acoustic instruments around ambient jazz scapes and soulful, dreamy melodies, SAZ are a musical Tardis of ideas, energy and life-affirming messages both in the studio and live onstage."

Songwriting Spotlight

"Zane Morris and Kelvin Bueno have been branded as ‘One to Watch‘ by Red Bull Music London. Ahead of the full length album release of ‘22 Reasons to Stay‘, SAZ’s forthcoming EP entitled ‘Dread Full‘ is painted as an homage to fallen inspirations of theirs – from Chester Bennington to Mac Miller, celebrating their influence by fusing their sounds in unique ways...

SAZ have become embraced as pioneers in their own right – a constantly evolving project which embraces a soft and seductive blend of indie and acoustic, bound together with elements of hip-hop. A sumptuous blend of sentimental songwriting overlaid with an eclectic mix of ethereal instruments and folk-inspired guitar riffs that detail an ambience which is synonymous with London’s underground music scene that, in turn, detail images of vibrant landscapes and sultry road trips."




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