1. RELEASE: SAZ - Why You

    2015-10-26 19:57:00 UTC
    A skit from us SAZ boys.

  2. RELEASE: SAZ - Chances LP

    2015-09-27 11:59:00 UTC

  3. RELEASE: SAZ x Bonkaz - Scum

    2015-09-27 11:57:00 UTC

  4. RELEASE: SAZ - Jesus Spice

    2015-07-27 08:00:00 UTC
    A quick beat release until our single this Friday. SAZ - Jesus Spice - Artwork by Dree Velicaria 

  5. RELEASE: SAZ x Joe James x Bonkaz - Fault In My Home

    2015-07-27 07:51:00 UTC
    Artwork by Mikey Espinosa  Zane A fault in my home is worse than any war  A fault in my home   Joe James There’s a fault in my home  It’s peak. It’s got man stressed on road Heads gone cold, started small till the heart in my chest involved Hearts gone…

  6. RELEASE: Rowlzey - Fault In My Home Remix

    2015-07-27 07:49:00 UTC
    Rowlzey - Fault In My Home Remix

  7. RELEASE: SAZ x Kojey Radical - Youth/Growing Up

    2015-07-05 16:35:00 UTC
    <iframe width=”100%” height=”166” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”;color=00aabb&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false”></iframe>

  8. SAZ SS15 - Hand Printed Navy

    2015-06-28 22:44:00 UTC
    Jamie SAZ

  9. SAZ SS15 - Daisy

    2015-06-28 21:37:00 UTC

  10. SAZ SS15 - Hand Printed Orange

    2015-06-28 21:31:00 UTC

  11. RELEASE: SAZ - Rasp (FXWRK Flip)

    2015-04-27 09:08:00 UTC
    Massive shoutout to @FXWRK for her remix.  SAZ - RASP (FXWRK FLIP)

  12. KB SAZ for Christian Cassiel

    2015-03-31 12:07:00 UTC
    Kelvin SAZ recently got signed to Select Model Management and has wasted no time stealing the hearts of 15,000 thousand girls on Tumblr.  Photography by Christian Cassiel  Model - Kelvin SAZ Select Management Portfolio 

  13. SAZ BOYS Press Shots by @TenTenLemon

    2015-03-21 03:27:00 UTC
    First press shots of 15.  SAZ Boys analogue flames captured by Master Alex.  Catch his work at and

  14. RELEASE: Joe James x SAZ - Resurrection

    2015-02-14 02:54:00 UTC

  15. RELEASE: SAZ x Yellowcard - Only One Valentines Special

    2015-02-14 02:52:00 UTC Happy Valentines Day! Lyrics Verse 1 Broken this fragile thing now And I can’t, I can’t pick up the pieces And I’ve thrown my words all around But I can’t, I can’t give you a reason I feel so broken up And I give up I just want to…

  16. RELEASE: SAZ - Take Care w/ Lyrics

    2015-02-02 14:08:52 UTC
    The third release from our Journey EP, Take Care Lyrics Verse: Night seems longer than with you Think of your face delete ‘round 4 or 5 pictures Roll up another one and Light a cigarette Night shifts, now they think they know me, owe me Life shifts, We’re recounting…

  17. RELEASE: SAZ - Rasp (Liphe Remix)

    2015-01-08 13:59:31 UTC
    RELEASE: SAZ - Rasp (Liphe Remix) Artwork by Ray Fiasco (

  18. RELEASE: SAZ - Rasp (Only One) w/ Lyrics

    2014-12-31 17:27:24 UTC
    The first single from the SAZ - Journey EP Artwork by Ray Fiasco ( Intro They say don’t call back I said I would hold you close Verse I swear you hold me up sometimes I swear you’re taking all my time And these days the lies are just something…

  19. KB SAZ for Made By Artists (@madebyartists)

    2014-12-15 17:11:03 UTC
    Model: KB SAZ (@TheWaters_) Clothing: Made By Artists (@MadeByArtists) Photography: Alex WavePacc

  20. KB SAZ for Mal

    2014-11-13 12:37:16 UTC
    Photography by Malini Vaja (@malinivaja)Model: KB SAZ (@TheWaters_)

  21. SAZ - Take Time/How You Feel Album Re-Release

    2014-11-12 01:49:07 UTC
    The first two SAZ albums by Seon Rice-Lupin and Zane Morris-Stewart. Filled with hip-hop jazzy goodness, remastered for release across digital platforms. New covers have been provided by Ray Fiasco.Release date: TBC

  22. He Who Wanders (浪人)

    2014-11-12 01:36:32 UTC
    By Ella Violettta.Photography project, based on cinematic photography. Model: Zane SAZ “浪人” Scene 1, “The Wanderer” “浪人” Scene 2, “The Explorer” “浪人” Scene 3, “The Seeker”

  23. SAZ the Band: Youth

    2014-05-20 15:37:49 UTC
    A few shots from our shoot with Ray Fiasco! (

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