RELEASE: SAZ x Joe James x Bonkaz - Fault In My Home

Artwork by Mikey Espinosa 

Zane A fault in my home is worse than any war 
A fault in my home  

Joe James There’s a fault in my home 
It’s peak. It’s got man stressed on road
Heads gone cold, started small till the heart in my chest involved
Hearts gone black and it’s mad cause before yeah, the heart in my chest was gold
can’t get away from the fault in my home 
when you live with the cause of the fault
then you can’t be alone mad thoughts in dome like
wagwan joe, what’s the next step on the path of my life, is it stop or go?
is it right that I left or should I go diagonal  
I’m tryna work magic I’m dynamo
I’m ready to blow up
its funny how I’m up now and now u wanna show love
and I know u were there from the start but
you weren’t really there with your mind and your heart

Bonkaz Yeah, real different
dying inside but still living
Having the time of my life but still feeling like I am in the firing line
they’re still missing though

Had a dream last night, can’t remember that
Still reminiscing though, shit 
Woke up, caught it all on video

play back on zane’s mac 
I can see love, can’t see where the hate or the fames at
that was way back
man i need this
before the haters, before the tweeters
before the strangers, were the realest
before the a list. before the b list
Had stripes before Adidas,
Had the right angle way before Fila’s

They won’t get that.
They don’t get me.
I’ve felt setbacks, I’ve felt envy
I had the love before but that left me
They want the old Bonks. Don’t tempt me
Shit, is getting crazier by the day now
and its mad, kinda wish that I could fly away now

I’m just trying to see how this plays out
Lost sitting underneath grey clouds
hoping and praying they let the rain out
hoping and praying that they stay down
but they won’t, and I know that
I don’t like pics, just throwbacks
cause thats my shit, and thats where I live
when I zone out
I wanna go back 

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