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  1. RELEASE: SAZ - Chances LP

    27 Sep 2015

  2. RELEASE: SAZ x Joe James x Bonkaz - Fault In My Home

    27 Jul 2015

    Artwork by Mikey Espinosa  Zane A fault in my home is worse than any war  A fault in my home   Joe James There’s a fault in my home  It’s peak. It’s got man stressed on road Heads gone cold, started small till the heart in my chest involved Hearts gone…

  3. SAZ SS15 - Daisy

    28 Jun 2015

  4. KB SAZ for Christian Cassiel

    31 Mar 2015

    Kelvin SAZ recently got signed to Select Model Management and has wasted no time stealing the hearts of 15,000 thousand girls on Tumblr.  Photography by Christian Cassiel  Model - Kelvin SAZ Select Management Portfolio 

  5. SAZ BOYS Press Shots by @TenTenLemon

    21 Mar 2015

    First press shots of 15.  SAZ Boys analogue flames captured by Master Alex.  Catch his work at and

  6. RELEASE: SAZ x Yellowcard - Only One Valentines Special

    14 Feb 2015 Happy Valentines Day! Lyrics Verse 1 Broken this fragile thing now And I can’t, I can’t pick up the pieces And I’ve thrown my words all around But I can’t, I can’t give you a reason I feel so broken up And I give up I just want to…

  7. RELEASE: SAZ - Take Care w/ Lyrics

    02 Feb 2015

    The third release from our Journey EP, Take Care Lyrics Verse: Night seems longer than with you Think of your face delete ‘round 4 or 5 pictures Roll up another one and Light a cigarette Night shifts, now they think they know me, owe me Life shifts, We’re recounting…

  8. RELEASE: SAZ - Rasp (Only One) w/ Lyrics

    31 Dec 2014

    The first single from the SAZ - Journey EP Artwork by Ray Fiasco ( Intro They say don’t call back I said I would hold you close Verse I swear you hold me up sometimes I swear you’re taking all my time And these days the lies are just something…

  9. KB SAZ for Made By Artists (@madebyartists)

    15 Dec 2014

    Model: KB SAZ (@TheWaters_) Clothing: Made By Artists (@MadeByArtists) Photography: Alex WavePacc

  10. SAZ - Take Time/How You Feel Album Re-Release

    12 Nov 2014

    The first two SAZ albums by Seon Rice-Lupin and Zane Morris-Stewart. Filled with hip-hop jazzy goodness, remastered for release across digital platforms. New covers have been provided by Ray Fiasco.Release date: TBC

  11. He Who Wanders (浪人)

    12 Nov 2014

    By Ella Violettta.Photography project, based on cinematic photography. Model: Zane SAZ “浪人” Scene 1, “The Wanderer” “浪人” Scene 2, “The Explorer” “浪人” Scene 3, “The Seeker”

  12. SAZ the Band: Youth

    20 May 2014

    A few shots from our shoot with Ray Fiasco! (

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